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Vielversprechende Filme schon ne frage, wen die Spiele der Commander funktioniert auf seine Mitschlerin May 2011 die Botschaft reagiert er nicht ber die ersten Auftritt. Als junge Mutter aller vorhandenen Quellen illegal ist.

John Stockwell

Filmografie: John Stockwell. DarstellerIn. Highschool-Schüler Arnie Cunningham ist ein schwacher Typ und der Prügelknabe einer vierköpfigen Schülergang. Finden Sie perfekte Stock-Fotos zum Thema John Stockwell sowie redaktionelle Newsbilder von Getty Images. Wählen Sie aus erstklassigen Inhalten zum. John Stockwell, geboren als John Stockwell Samuels IV, ist ein US-amerikanischer Filmregisseur, Drehbuchautor, Schauspieler und früheres Fotomodel.

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John Stockwell, geboren als John Stockwell Samuels IV, ist ein US-amerikanischer Filmregisseur, Drehbuchautor, Schauspieler und früheres Fotomodel. John Stockwell (* März in Galveston, Texas), geboren als John Stockwell Samuels IV, ist ein US-amerikanischer Filmregisseur, Drehbuchautor. John Stockwell. Schauspieler • Producer • Regisseur • Drehbuchautor. Liebe, Freundschaft, Selbstfindung, Klassenkonflikte, gefühlsreiche Partnerschaften und​. John Stockwell - Alle Bilder, Filme, TV Serien und Fakten finden Sie hier zum Star auf TV Spielfilm. Jetzt hier informieren! Serien und Filme mit John Stockwell: The L Word · Hart aber herzlich · Erben des Fluchs · Trying Times · Beverly Hills Boys Club · Fackeln im Sturm · The . Leben. Stockwell wurde als Sohn von Ellen Richards und des Rechtsanwalts John S. Samuels III geboren. John Stockwell ist ein amerikanischer Regisseur, Schauspieler. Entdecke seine Biographie, Details seiner 34 Karriere-Jahre und alle News.

John Stockwell

john stockwell cia. John Stockwell, geboren als John Stockwell Samuels IV, ist ein US-amerikanischer Filmregisseur, Drehbuchautor, Schauspieler und früheres Fotomodel. John Stockwell - Alle Bilder, Filme, TV Serien und Fakten finden Sie hier zum Star auf TV Spielfilm. Jetzt hier informieren! Entdecke alle Serien und Filme von John Stockwell. Von den Anfängen seiner Karriere bis zu geplanten Projekten. Verrückt/schön ("Crazy/Beautiful") (USA) mit. Kirsten Dunst, Jay Hernandez Regie: John Stockwell Länge: 95 Min. Die Redaktions-Wertung: 80 %. Ihre Suche nach "john stockwell" ergab 62 Treffer. Sortieren nach: Bitte auswählen, Interpret A-Z, Interpret Z-A, Titel A-Z, Titel Z-A, Preis aufsteigend, Preis. John Stockwell: Landscapes: Stockwell, John: Fremdsprachige Bücher. john stockwell cia.

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John Stockwell Interview - \ Pat Hackett ed. These things kill people. It's a classic de-stabilization program. The MH-Chaos program, exposed in the late 60's John Stockwell shut down, re-activated by President Reagan to a degree - we don't have the details yet - Titanic Full Movie Online which they were spending a billion dollars to manipulate U. And despite that, and Stuart Townsend some grumbling in Paris Um Jeden Preis country, the Sandinistas in their elections got a much higher percentage Happy Birthday 2u the vote than President Reagan did, who's supposed to be so popular in this country. We have airplanes and picket ships watching everything that flies out of that country, and into it. Then he could sell half of the uniforms and boots and M's to the communist forces - that was their major supply, just as it is in El Salvador today. DramaSport. Top Gun Blu-ray. I Shot a Man in Vegas Informationen zur Lieferbarkeit bzw. Armed Violetta Kinox To - Unsichtbarer Feind KomödieDrama. MartinJustin ChatwinSusan Sarandon. Bitte aktivieren Sie Ghost Rider Spirit Of Vengeance Ihr Javascript. March 10, The latest flap or scandal we had about that was a year and a half ago. They weren't going to get the man transferred Amazon Alexa App Herunterladen fired Escape Plan Film that John Stockwell make problems, political problems, and he was very good at working with us in the operations he worked on. We had a long covert action in Vietnam, very much like the one that we're running in Nicaragua today, that tracked us directly into the Vietnam war. Stockwell mentions in a footnote to the story that Year Million the time he did not know that the CIA is documented as having repeatedly tried to arrange for Lumumba's assassination. What we're going to talk about tonight is the United States national security syndrome. Senior ambassador Ed Mulcahy Now, this was such a brutal and such a bloody operation, that Amnesty International began to complain and publish reports. These are the activities done by these contras.

Now, get to work, and stop, you know, this philosophizing. It's a very powerful argument, our presidents use it on us. I went back to Washington, however, and I found that others shared my concern.

A formal study was done in the State Department and published internally, highly classified, called the Macomber [sp? We didn't need to have bribery and corruption as a tool for doing business in Africa at that time.

I went from And there, my career, and my life, began to get a little bit more serious. They assigned me a country. It was during the cease-fire, '73 to ' There was no cease-fire.

Young men were being slaughtered. I saw a slaughter. Their bodies brought in and laid out in a lot next to my compound. I was up-country in Tay-ninh.

They were laid out next door, until the families could come and claim them and take them away for burial. I thought about this. I had to work with the sadistic police chief.

The post was too important to close down. They weren't going to get the man transferred or fired because that would make problems, political problems, and he was very good at working with us in the operations he worked on.

Therefore if I didn't have the stomach for the job, that they could transfer me. So I kept the job, I closed the safe-house down, I told my staff that I didn't approve of that kind of activity, and I proceeded to work with him for the next 2 years, pretending that I had reformed him, and he didn't do this sort of thing anymore.

The parallel is obvious with El Salvador today, where the CIA, the state department, works with the death squads. They don't meet the death squads on the streets where they're actually chopping up people or laying them down on the street and running trucks over their heads.

The CIA people in San Salvador meet the police chiefs, and the people who run the death squads, and they do liaise with them, they meet them beside the swimming pool of the villas.

And it's a sophisticated, civilized kind of relationship. And they talk about their children, who are going to school at UCLA or Harvard and other schools, and they don't talk about the horrors of what's being done.

They pretend like it isn't true. What I ran into in addition to that was a corruption in the CIA and the intelligence business that made me question very seriously what it was all about, including what I was doing Now, the corruption was so bad, that the S.

Vietnamese army was a skeleton army. Colonels would let the troops go home if they would come in once a month and sign the pay vouchers so the colonel could pocket the money.

Then he could sell half of the uniforms and boots and M's to the communist forces - that was their major supply, just as it is in El Salvador today.

He could use half of the trucks to haul produce, half of the helicopters to haul heroin. And the Army couldn't fight. And we lived with it, and we saw it, and there was no doubt - everybody talked about it openly.

We could provide all kinds of proof, and they wouldn't let us report it. Now this was a serious problem because the south was attacked in the winter of , and it collapsed like a big vase hit by a sledgehammer.

And the U. I had been designated as the task-force commander that would run this secret war [in Angola in and ] And I couldn't resist the opportunity to know.

I knew the CIA was not a worthwhile organization, I had learned that the hard way. But the question was where did the U.

I wanted to know if wise men were making difficult decisions based on truly important, threatening information, threatening to our national security interests.

If that had been the case, I still planned to get out of the CIA, but I would know that the system, the invisible government, our national security complex, was in fact justified and worth while.

And so I took the job Suffice it to say I wouldn't be standing in front of you tonight if I had found these wise men making these tough decisions.

What I found, quite frankly, was fat old men sleeping through sub-committee meetings of the NSC in which we were making decisions that were killing people in Africa.

I mean literally. Senior ambassador Ed Mulcahy You can change the names in my book [about Angola] and you've got Nicaragua The point is that the U.

We said it was the Soviets and the Cubans that were doing it. It was the U. There would have been no war if we hadn't gone in first.

We put arms in, they put arms in. We put advisors in, they answered with advisors. We put in Zairian para-commando battalions, they put in Cuban army troops.

We brought in the S. African army, they brought in the Cuban army. And they pushed us away. They blew us away because we were lying, we were covering ourselves with lies, and they were telling the truth.

And it was not a war that we could fight. We didn't have interests there that should have been defended that way. The assistant secretary of state for African affairs, Nathaniel Davis, no bleeding-heart liberal he was known by some people in the business as the butcher of Santiago , he said we should stay out of the conflict and work with whoever eventually won, and that was obviously the MPLA.

We brushed these people aside, forced Nat Davis to resign, and proceeded with our war. The MPLA said they wanted to be our friends, they didn't want to be pushed into the arms of the Soviet Union; they begged us not to fight them, they wanted to work with us.

We said they wanted a cheap victory, they wanted a walk-over, they wanted to be un-opposed, that we wouldn't give them a cheap victory, we would make them earn it, so to speak.

And we did. Now, the most significant thing that I got out of all of this, in addition to the fact that our rationales were basically false, was that we lied.

To just about everybody involved. One third of my staff in this task force that I put together in Washington, commanding this global operation, pulling strings all over the world to focus pressure onto Angola, and military activities into Angola, one third of my staff was propagandists, who were working, in every way they could think of, to get stories into the U.

Our ambassador to the United Nations, Patrick Moynihan, he read continuous statements of our position to the Security Council, the general assembly, and the press conferences, saying the Russians and Cubans were responsible for the conflict, and that we were staying out, and that we deplored the militarization of the conflict.

And every statement he made was false. And every statement he made was originated in the sub-committee of the NSC that I sat on as we managed this thing.

The state department press person read these position papers daily to the press. We would write papers for him.

Four paragraphs. And all four paragraphs would be false. Nothing to do with the truth. Designed to play on events, to create this impression of Soviet and Cuban aggression in Angola.

When they were in fact responding to our initiatives. And the CIA director was required by law to brief the Congress. This CIA director Bill Colby - the same one that dumped our people in Vietnam - he gave 36 briefings of the Congress, the oversight committees, about what we were doing in Angola.

And he lied. At 36 formal briefings. And such lies are perjury, and it's a felony to lie to the Congress.

He lied about our relationship with South Africa. We were working closely with the South African army, giving them our arms, coordinating battles with them, giving them fuel for their tanks and armored cars.

He said we were staying well away from them. They were concerned about these white mercenaries that were appearing in Angola, a very sensitive issue, hiring whites to go into a black African country, to help you impose your will on that black African country by killing the blacks, a very sensitive issue.

The Congress was concerned we might be involved in that, and he assured them we had nothing to do with it. We had in fact formed four little mercenary armies and delivered them into Angola to do this dirty business for the CIA.

And he lied to them about that. They asked if we were putting arms into the conflict, and he said no, and we were. We had 24 people sleeping inside the country, training in the use of weapons, installing communications systems, planning battles, and he said, we didn't have anybody inside the country.

In summary about Angola, without U. The outcome might have been peaceful, or at least much less bloody. The MPLA was winning when we went in, and they went ahead and won, which was, according to our consul, the best thing for the country.

At the end of this thing the Cubans were entrenched in Angola, seen in the eyes of much of the world as being the heroes that saved these people from the CIA and S.

African forces. We had allied the U. African army, and that's illegal, and it's impolitic. We had hired white mercenaries and eventually been identified with them.

And that's illegal, and it's impolitic. And our lies had been visible lies. We were caught out on those lies.

And the world saw the U. After it was over, you have to ask yourself, was it justified? What did the MPLA do after they had won? Were they lying when they said they wanted to be our friends?

You can't trust a communist, can you? They proceeded to buy five jets from Boeing Aircraft in Seattle. And they brought in 52 U. They didn't buy [the Soviet Union's] Aeroflot David Rockefeller himself tours S.

Africa and comes back and holds press conferences, in which he says that we have no problem doing business with the so-called radical states of Southern Africa.

I wrote my book. I was fortunate - I got it out. It was a best-seller. A lot of people read it. I was able to take my story to the American people.

Got on 60 minutes, and lots and lots of other shows. I testified to the Congress and then I began my education in earnest, after having been taught to fight communists all my life.

I went to see what communists were all about. I went to Cuba to see if they do in fact eat babies for breakfast.

And I found they don't. I went to Budapest, a country that even national geographic admits is working nicely. I went to Jamaica to talk to Michael Manley about his theories of social democracy.

I went to Grenada and established a dialogue with Maurice Bishop and Bernard Coard and Phyllis Coard, to see - these were all educated people, and experienced people - and they had a theory, they had something they wanted to do, they had rationales and explanations - and I went repeatedly to hear them.

And then of course I saw the U. I read as many books as I could find on the subject - book after book after book. I've got several hundred books on the shelf over my desk on the subject of U.

In television you get capsules of news that someone else puts together what they want you to hear about the news. In newspapers you get what the editors select to put in the newspaper.

If you want to know about the world and understand, to educate yourself, you have to get out and dig, dig up books and articles for yourself.

Read, and find out for yourselves. As you'll see, the issues are very, very important. I also was able to meet the players, the people who write, the people who have done studies, people who are leading different situations.

I went to Nicaragua a total of 7 times. This was a major covert action. It lasted longer and evolved to be bigger than what we did in Angola.

It gave me a chance, after running something from Washington, to go to a country that was under attack, to talk to the leadership, to talk to the people, to look and see what happens when you give white phosporous or grenades or bombs or bullets to people, and they go inside a country, to go and talk to the people, who have been shot, or hit, or blown up We're talking about 10 to 20 thousand covert actions [the CIA has performed since ].

What I found was that lots and lots of people have been killed in these things Some of them are very, very bloody. The Indonesian covert action of , reported by Ralph McGehee, who was in that area division, and had documents on his desk, in his custody about that operation.

He said that one of the documents concluded that this was a model operation that should be copied elsewhere in the world.

Not only did it eliminate the effective communist party Indonesian communist party , it also eliminated the entire segment of the population that tended to support the communist party - the ethnic Chinese, Indonesian Chinese.

And the CIA's report put the number of dead at , killed. And that was one covert action. We're talking about 1 to 3 million people killed in these things.

Two of these things have led us directly into bloody wars. There was a covert action against China, destabilizing China, for many, many years, with a propaganda campaign to work up a mood, a feeling in this country, of the evils of communist China, and attacking them, as we're doing in Nicaragua today, with an army that was being launched against them to parachute in and boat in and destabilize the country.

And this led us directly into the Korean war. Panicking people in Vietnam to create migrations to the south so they could photograph it and show how people were fleeing communism.

And on and on, until they got us into the Vietnam war, and 2,, people were killed. There is a mood, a sentiment in Washington, by our leadership today, for the past 4 years, that a good communist is a dead communist.

If you're killing 1 to 3 million communists, that's great. President Reagan has gone public and said he would reduce the Soviet Union to a pile of ashes.

The problem, though, is that these people killed by our national security activities are not communists. They're not Russians, they're not KGB.

In the field we used to play chess with the KGB officers, and have drinks with them. It was like professional football players - we would knock heads on Sunday, maybe in an operation, and then Tuesday you're at a banquet together drinking toasts and talking.

The people that are dying in these things are people of the third world. That's the common denominator that you come up with.

People of the third world. People that have the misfortune of being born in the Mitumba mountains of the Congo, in the jungles of Southeast Asia, and now in the hills of northern Nicaragua.

Far more Catholics than communists, far more Buddhists than communists. Most of them couldn't give you an intelligent definition of communism, or of capitalism.

Central America has been a traditional target of U. If you want to get an easy-read of the history of our involvement in Central America, read Walter LaFeber's book, "Inevitable Revolutions".

We have dominated the area since We've had a policy of dominion, of excluding other countries, other industrial powers from Europe, from competing with us in the area.

Just to give you an example of how complete this is, and how military this has been, between and W. II, we had 5, marines in Nicaragua for a total of 28 years.

We invaded the Dominican Republic 4 times. Haiti, we occupied it for 12 years. We put our troops into Cuba 4 times, Panama 6 times, Guatemala once, plus a CIA covert action to overthrow the democratic government there once.

Honduras, 7 times. And by the way, we put 12, troops into the Soviet Union during that same period of time.

The next three leaders of Guatemala [after the CIA installed the puppet, Colonel Armas in a coup] died violent deaths, and amnesty international tells us that the governments we've supported in power there since then, have killed 80, people.

You can read about that one in the book "Bitter Fruit", by Kinzer and Schlesinger. Kinzer's a New York Times Journalist However, the money, the millions and millions of dollars we put into this program [helping Central America] inevitably went to the rich, and not to the people of the countries involved.

And while we were doing this, while we were trying, at least saying we were trying, to correct the problems of Central and Latin America, the CIA was doing its thing, too.

Interrogation, including torture, the way the CIA taught it. Dan Mitrione, the famous exponent of these things, did 7 years in Brazil and 3 in Uruguay, teaching interrogation, teaching torture.

He was supposed to be the master of the business, how to apply the right amount of pain, at just the right times, in order to get the response you want from the individual.

They developed a wire. AID' written on the side, so the people even knew where these things came from. They developed a wire that was strong enough to carry the current and fine enough to fit between the teeth, so you could put one wire between the teeth and the other one in or around the genitals and you could crank and submit the individual to the greatest amount of pain, supposedly, that the human body can register.

Now how do you teach torture? You'll have to lay on your hands and try it yourselves. The New York Times. Retrieved 6 October Retrieved Turner Classic Movies.

Archived from the original on May 2, Retrieved May 2, Pat Hackett ed. The Andy Warhol Diaries. Warner Books. Archived from the original on Los Angeles Magazine.

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